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Window Cleaning Service for Central New Hampshire and the Lakes Region

When you hire us to provide our expert window cleaning services, we want you to know exactly what to expect on top of a job well done. Our staff in Franklin, New Hampshire, takes pride in our work. At Granite State Window Cleaning, we take the time to make sure each house gets our undivided attention, so that you're always more than satisfied.

Upon Arrival
After introducing themselves, our crew takes the appropriate amount of time to determine the best approach for the window cleaning in your home. We usually start inside with the top floor, but each house is unique and may require a different procedure.

Your assigned crew may include the individual who first visited your home to provide you with a free estimate, but if not, your dedicated team members will have been briefed on your needs and home layout.

Controlled Cleanliness
Squeegees are generally used for our window cleaning services as they produce the highest quality results. While squeegees use more cleaning solution than a spray cleaner, we use drop-cloths to protect upholstery and floors when necessary.

We avoid tracking dirt into your home and we will remove our shoes if we feel it is necessary. Feel free to ask us first to remove them and we'll do it happily.

Moving Furniture and Other Items
We respect your household items as though they were our own, and we do everything to avoid damaging anything. We ask that you remove small items from window sills before we arrive or we will carefully remove them for you.

We will move furniture in order to access windows and we'll put it back in place when we're done. We can usually work around curtains and other window treatments without them having to be removed.

Inside Use of Ladders
In many homes, we may have to use a ladder inside to access higher windows. Should the ladders pose any risk to floors or carpets, we will place a mat or rubber-backed device called a "ladder stopper" beneath the ladder feet. 

We try to avoid carrying long extension ladders through a house, as there is high risk of hitting walls or household items. Whenever possible, we use telescoping ladders inside the house. These unique ladders fold up to a height of only 3 feet for safety and ease of carrying, and extend out up to 14 feet for reaching high windows inside.

If an extension ladder above 14 feet in length is required, we will usually have two men move the ladder through the house to prevent the damage mentioned above. All ladders are cushioned at the top with a cloth or rubber surface to prevent leaving marks on walls.

Outside Use of Ladders
Outside shrubs, plants, and flower beds are not only costly, but also represent numerous hours of work by somebody who has taken the time to beautify the outside of your home. Our workers are trained to position ladders in a way that will minimize damage to your landscaping. 

Our employees are also fully trained to be safety conscious. Awareness of power lines is critical and they will survey such areas to avoid contact with them. The extension ladders are also equipped with stabilizer bars to prevent them from falling.

As mentioned with inside ladder work, the tops of outside ladders are also cushioned to prevent marks or dents to the surfaces
of your house.

Screen Cleaning 
Cleaning the sills and window wells of each window is a standard part of our service.  Cleaning of screens is offered at an extra charge.  Having the screens cleaned will extend the cleanliness of your windows.  To clean them, we use a commercial screen-cleaning solution that cleans both the screen material and the frames.  If excessively dirty, we will use a water-fed IPC Eagle screen cleaning machine.

Contact us for professional window cleaning services that are performed with great care to
minimize anything left behind but our beautiful work.